Polish Tech Day in London is the main platform for bilateral business relations between the Polish and British innovation and technology sectors. Since its first edition in 2015, Polish Tech Days hosted over 100 speakers and 1000 of attendees, who have found here inspiration, business partners, key employees or funding for growth. The theme of the 2019 event will be CHANGES - to sum up the 30 years of Poland's (digital) transformation and discuss its future in the light of disruptive technical and environmental changes.

As part of our efforts to integrate and support Polish Innovation Diaspora we have added a new element to the program. Ambassadors Of Polish Innovation awards aim to recognize and promote the most globally impactful Polish technology enterpreneurs whose activities change the image of Poland and Poles in the world of innovation and technology.



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Participants Registration

Welcome by organisers

Poland - from communism to FTSE developed-country in one generation

The personal perspective on one country impressive growth story.

Panel #1: Taming the unicorns: can British corporations work with Polish startups?

GSA has prepared best practices for corporations to work with startups. We want to explore this even further and see what does it take for Polish startups to work with British corporations?

Panel #2: “How would you like your project served?” Cross-cultural and cross-border management in IT.

Managing teams across different cultures, borders and time zones can be challenging. We have gathered a multiverse set of experts with practical experience working across 5 continents with dozens of cultures. Stories abound guaranteed!

Panel #3 Fintech Nations: what digital banking in Poland, in the UK and Ireland can learn from each other

British and Polish are two very different fintech ecosystems, but both are amongst the most interesting in Europe. Poland is known to be a pioneer of digital banking, while the UK currently undergoes a true fintech revolution backed by financing far beyond reach of other European country. What can they learn from each other?

Panel #4: Show me the Money: what do CIO’s really plan to invest in

Buzzwords vs Budgets. There's lots of technologies talked about at the conferences, but what are the real spending priorities of decision makers? Find out from themselves!

Fireside chat with Daniel Korski (CEO Public)

Daniel Korski CBE is a former special adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron and is the co-founder and CEO of PUBLIC, a venture capitalist firm focused on helping technology startups transform public services. He is also Chairman and co-founder of the GovTech Summit, an event for the govtech sector.

Lunch break


Polish Tech Day: Registrations and networking

Opening by organizers

Keynote: Our future. Our responsability.

"This is the best time to be alive" say some. It's true - despite many problems still in existence, state of humanity overall has never been better. But this may not last. We have lots of hugely disruptive changes coming, the biggest being climate crisis, but worrisome may also be the raise of AI, virtual money, jobs automation or deep fakes. Technology and startups world aren't also still free from inequality, gender and racial prejudice, and managerial malpractices . It depends upon us how do we respond to these challenges and shape up the future of humanity.

Pitch to London Finals Startup battle

Changes. 30 years of Poland's digital transformation and counting. Panel discussion

30 years ago Poland became a free country and a free economy. It's been quite a journey. Let's have a look at it from the technology sector perspective. What did we achieve? Where did we fail? What's left to be done?

Pitch To London and API Awards Ceremony

Conference closing by organisers

Networking cocktail and afterparty

PITCH TO LONDON is an annual competition for startups with „the Polish element”, at the heart of POLISH TECH DAY. We invite winners of the most prestigious startup events in Poland to compete at Google HQ in London, in front of a Jury of British and international investors and experts.

Founders of participating companies have 5 minutes to present their business idea and persuade the Jury that they are the ones who deserve the title of a PITCH TO LONDON Winner. Apart from the exciting main prize and Start-up Growth Package, they get exposure to the UK start-up ecosystem and corporate partners, and gain access to the vibrant international network of PLUGin.